Credibility: Q3 Anticipated Issues

The following are issues that may affect the credibility of a website, or at least the perceived credibility from users, in the future:


  • Scams

Users are more aware of scammers and viruses. As this occurs, users are more likely to be wary of a website that does not appear credible, whether it is or isn’t. As more people become aware of what makes a website not credible, scammers will go to greater lengths to make their websites look and behave in a credible manner.


  • Design Features

Design features and controls on free websites or blogs, such as WordPress of Tumblr, are becoming easier and more aesthetically pleasing. This makes it easier to create a credible looking website, and users will be aware of this.


  • Social Networks

If a website or company is not listed on multiple social networking sites it will reduce its perceived credibility. Users need to be able to access or share content from a variety of sources and if this is not available users will be hesitant.


  • Language

As Gen Y ages and begins designing and updating web pages, some creators could use ‘tech’ language or shorthand. Older users who are not technologically inclined could view this as meaning the website is not credible.


  • Platforms

If a website does not operate across multiple platforms or browsers, users will assume that it is not professional or credible, as most credible websites have utilised this technology.


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