Credibility: Q4 Examples


Department of Transport –

Department of Transport

The Department of Transport website is presumed credible as it is a Government run website. We would assume that it is up to date, has no viruses or advertisements, features contact information and is usable.



Facebook –


Facebook is reputably credible due to the high amount of users. One would assume that a website that features such a high number of daily users would be credible and functional. You are likely to know a user of Facebook, who will more than likely urge you to join.



Boohoo Clothing –

Boohoo 1

Boohoo 2



Boohoo clothing appears credible due to the design of the website and the contents. It features contact details and assistance links. There are links to various parts of the website and you are not led to any orphaned pages. The website also caters for multiple countries and features logos from other companies and social media sites.



Paypal –


Paypal has earned credibility as I have personal history with the website and have never had any issues. It features a contact number that connects to a call center who were very helpful with my inquiry. The design is sleek and simple to use and there are many  users, adding to its credibility.


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